Daycare Services

The CoPAW Cabana offers a safe, healthy and clean environment where dogs of all sizes can exercise in our off-leash facility,  in the company of other dogs and under direct supervision of our trained staff.


Along with the great exercise dogs get at the CoPAW, day care also helps meet their social needs. It is a valuable benefit to get the dog’s around others, regardless of the dog’s age, size or gender. Day care is a great alternative, opposed to being home all alone. Thousands of pet owners work all day, and this requires leaving your dog home while you work. Often these owners come home to a stressed out dog, and rampant destruction, either of the house, or the yard, and neighbors who complain of barking and howling, due to separation anxiety.


Imagine dropping your dog off in the morning and having him spend his day at dog day care. He receives great physical, mental and emotional benefits in spending time with friends of his own kind. At the end of the day he’s ready to go home happy and tired from his long day and you are relaxed knowing the great care he received by the CoPAW Cabana.


Half Day (Less than 6 hours)

Single – $15/half day

Five Day Package – $67.50 ($13.50/half day)

Ten Day Package – $127.75 (12.77/half day)

Twenty Day Package – $200 ($10/half day)

Full Day (More than 6 hours)

Single Day – $25/day

Five Day Package – $112.50 ($22.50/day)

Ten Day Package – $200 ($20/day)

Twenty Day Package – $360 ($18/day)

*15% Off Second Daycare Dog


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